Immortalize a special moment in the calendar ring

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What are the most special moments in your life? Have one or more memorable dates captured in this beautiful ring.

Special. Personal. Unique.

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Everlasting Moments

The Calendar Rings offer a wonderful way to immortalize your most memorable days.

are available in 18-carat gold, in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold.

The ring has a unique concept and consists of 365 sparkling diamonds, set in 12 rows, with each diamond symbolizing a day of the year.

A colored diamond is set on a special date of the wearer, so that this day can be immortalized. Think of a birthday, an anniversary or another important event.

This way you can immortalize your most special moments and always carry them close.

The Calendar Rings

Special, Personal & Unique

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Frederick, Brasschaat

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Roy, Sittard

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Nina, Den Haag

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Calendar Ring - Limited Edition

'The Dutchess'

In honor of King Willem-Alexander's tenth anniversary, we are launching a limited edition of the Calendar Ring called 'The Dutchess' on King's Day.

This Calendar ring consists of 3.35 carats of natural orange fanta diamonds, crafted in a beautiful 18-carat 21.4 gram red gold ring. These orange diamonds belong to very precious and rare diamond colors, which makes the ring very exclusive.

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INSTORE Design Awards

Chicago Amerika

We were the only European finalist to receive the INSTORE Design Awards 2022 in America. Alice Sunderland won first prize with the Calendar Ring in the 'Personalized Jewelry' category.

The INSTORE Design Awards is one of the largest design competitions for jewelry designers in the industry. This annual competition is an authority within the jewelry industry when it comes to the best and most innovative jewelry.

Would you like to view the Calendar Ring? This can be done by appointment, online or in our studio. We are happy to show you the different options.

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Alice Sunderland

The Inspiration

The very first piece of jewelry I made for myself was the Calendar Ring. Each diamond symbolizes a day of the year, because I believe that every day deserves a valuable diamond in itself. Like a diamond calendar on your finger.

But there came a time when I wanted to capture a special event in my ring, as a symbolic reminder of a special day. I added a colored diamond to represent that one unique day.

This is how my brand, Alice Sunderland, was born, with the slogan 'Everlasting Moments'. Because that is what I create with my jewelry: timeless moments of meaning, captured in exclusive and personal jewelry.

Frequently asked Questions


Can multiple dates be recorded in the Calendar Ring?


That's certainly possible! Multiple days can always be recorded in the Calendar Ring. If the wearer of the ring experiences a special moment after purchase, for example the birth of a second child, this moment can also be immortalized in the Calendar ring.

Why do you work with 18 carat gold?


Quality is the foundation of the Alice Sunderland brand. Many jewelry designers work with 14-karat gold, but 18-karat gold is the most durable form for jewelry making. We want Alice Sunderland jewelery to be worn often and passed down through the generations. That's why we focus on providing the best price-quality materials for an accessible price.

How do I find out the ring size?


There are several ways to find out the ring size. We have listed a number of useful ways in our ring size meter.

What is the delivery time of the Calendar Ring?


Because the calendar ring is custom-made, we have a delivery time of 6 weeks. If time is an issue, please contact us and we will do our utmost to meet the deadline.

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